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    Android SmartECR

    Fully integrated retailer solution combining modern Android till system and secure payment terminal.



    An elegant portfolio of Android EPOS products by ZOLON, our Retail Solutions Division

    Elys Workstation


    The central piece of the Elys family, this elegant touchscreen workstation is designed with a durable aluminum body and an ultra-thin profile (9.5mm thin), making it a stylish addition to any retail environment. With the Elys Station as your central hub, managing and connecting all your devices becomes a breeze.

    Elys Litchi


    Designed to provide merchants with unparalleled flexibility and customization options, Elys Litchi empowers you to create a setup that perfectly aligns with your specific business needs.

    Elys Tower


    The Elys Tower offers the same powerful features as the Station, but sets itself apart by providing an extra customer display. Choose between a 7-inch or 10.1-inch screen to create a more interactive experience with your customers.

    KDS & Bump Bar 

    Revolutionize kitchen operations with the Elys Displays, cutting-edge IP55 waterproof rated touchscreens designed to enhance productivity in demanding environments, and the Elys Bump Bar - a tactile keyboard designed specifically for Kitchen Display Systems.

  • One device to manage POS and payments

    Elegance is everything in-store, yet cash registers never made for a stylish checkout experience, until now. The PAX porfolio of ECR devices are visually-striking game-changer solutions to successfully run your store, offering greater in-store elegance and efficiency.

    PAX Smart ECR products let you port your current in-store solution, or make use of numerous retailer packages.

    This means full control over your store’s operations from one simple, intuitive interface:

    • Store & warehouse management
    • Shift & personnel tracking
    • Integrated analytics
    • Loyalty extensions
    • Coupon acceptance
  • Revolutionary EPOS solutions

    To ensure your business remains future-proofed, the E-series gives you access to a whole world of 3rd party business apps and cool EPOS solutions. This also means smoother integration between apps on the cash register side and the payment module, minimising complex data transfers and time-consuming IT management.

    PAX E600 Mini terminal

    E600 Mini


    Android SmartECR

    PAX E700 Mini Android ECR device

    E700 Mini


    Android SmartECR

    PAX E800 all in one ECR Android solution



    Android SmartECR


    Android terminals connect you to a whole new world of apps through MAXSTORE, an open-platform global marketplace which hosts advanced solutions for every kind of retailer business.