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    Android Mini POS

    All the technology you need in a portable device. Get paid on delivery or at the end of the service with PAX A50, the simple and compact payment smartphone.

  • The slimmest mobile payment solution

    Weighing only 161g and 14mm thick, the A50 is designed to deliver all the benefits of Android and payment security in a robust, featherweight, and elegant design.

  • Large capacity. Small footprint

    Powerful processor, all-day battery and up to 8MP rear camera to instantly process any type of payment, anytime, anywhere.















  • All the technology you need in a portable device

    PAX A50 Smart Android mobile terminal



    Key features:

    • Powered by Android 8.1 or 10
    • Cortex-A53, 1,4GHZ
    • 3.8V, 2500 mAh battery
    • 4.5-inch IPS colour display
    • 4G + WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0
    • 2MP fixed focus rear camera (optional 8MP)
    • Optional front 2MP camera
    • Inbuilt GPS
    • PCI PTS 5.x (Android 8.1) or 6.x (Android 10) SRED
  • Pair it with charging station for faster charging

    PAX A50 single docking station for charging

    Single charging station for A50

    PAX A50 multiple charging station

    Multiple charging station for A50

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    PAX A50 scoots into Istanbul airport in style

    PAX has partnered with BinBin Scooter to help travellers move faster between gates and terminals in Istanbul’s international airport.


    “PAX Turkiye has allowed us to deliver a beautifully ergonomic and effective solution to facilitate passenger transit through one of the world’s largest airports. Customers can easily unlock, pay and use the scooters thanks to the functionalities supported on the A50 MiniPOS.”


    - Ardan Kucuk, Founder of BinBin Scooter​

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