• A35 Android PINpad

    The world's first Android pinpad designed for multilane.

    Available in Metallic Grey, or Black & White.

  • The ideal payment solution for multilane retailers

    Designed for retail, fashion, and multilane businesses that need a fast, reliable and compact tool. PAX A35 is the first of its kind, chameleon-like retail pinpad, capable of adapting to any checkout environment while offering the best of Android technology.

    PAX A35 Android terminal in metallic Grey

    Key features:

    • Powered by Android 10
    • Power over Ethernet
    • 4" capacitive touch screen
    • LAN + WiFi (2.4Ghz/5Ghz) + Bluetooth 4.2
    • Chip & PIN + contactless + Magnetic stripe
    • PIN-on-Glass also feasible
    • 0.3MP or 5MP front camera
    • PCI PTS 6.x
    • Optional stand and privacy shield
    • Casing options: Metallic Grey or Black & White
  • Next level checkout

    Equipped with a larger vivid display, the A35 supports multimedia content, and is ideal for running effective promotional campaigns, allowing you to manage coupons with QR codes thanks to the front camera.

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    French FinTech company Yavin selects PAX A35 devices for secure payments in kiosk solutions

    "We are confident the PAX A35 will significantly enhance Yavin’s offering, providing our clients with a reliable and versatile payment solution"

    Samuel Manassé, Co-founder & CEO at Yavin

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    Transforming Checkout with PAX: Douglas Selects the A35 Payment Terminal

    "We're truly impressed by the A35!"

    Patrick Bos, IT Manager for Douglas Netherlands & Belgium

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    Plug-and-play Android technology

    Can be pair with any pole stand and security tether

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    Plug-and-play Android technology

    Easily add a PIN shield for additional customer privacy

  • Easily integrated into any existing checkout system, the A35 is a flexible, reliable and secure solution that can be used with or without a fixing bracket. It also supports Power Over Ethernet (POE), meaning the A35 can be powered through the Ethernet port, removing the need to find a spare power socket and additional network data point at each till point.

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    Certified to the highest payment standards

    PAX A35 Android Retail PINPad is certified to the latest PCI PTS version 6 standards, which enables the device to be used for longer and maximises customer returns on investment (ROI). It has also achieved the MasterCard Enhanced Contactless certification.

  • Accepting any payments

    The WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity options ensure that you’re always ready to take any payment type, helping you to remain up to date with payment method consistency in today’s omni-channel retailing world.

  • Lowering total cost of ownership

    We help retailers achieve lower total cost of ownership through engineering design excellence, manufacturing high quality durable devices that fail less often, and by providing - through MAXSTORE - next generation remote estate management services. MAXSTORE removes the need for costly and disruptive swap-outs, as most issues can now be resolved quickly and remotely, thus reducing the number of “No Fault Found” and other returns, delivering significant financial savings.


    The best of Android technology

    As the A35 runs the latest Android 10 operating system, it supports multiple applications and Value Added Services (VAS) management on a single device.


    This maximises efficiency and reduces the “lane” real estate or footprint and the number of pieces of equipment that need to be procured. Many forward-thinking multi-lane retailers are already using VAS to increase customer footfall in stores, helping to drive incremental sales and new revenues.


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