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    PAX Unattended Self-Service Solutions

    Designed to increase unattended sales for businesses in petroleum, retail, ticketing, vending, parking

  • Customer-focused, even when you're not there

    Unattended payment terminals are pivotal to industries where staff cannot be present at all times. But how do you ensure no sale is declined and that you offer a seamless customer experience? And more importantly - how can you trust that your terminals are future proof and won’t require expensive maintenance down the line?


    The IM-series of self-service payment terminals and SK-series smart kiosks are designed to increase unattended sales and be impervious to environmental damage.

    PAX SK700 Android selfservice kiosk


    SMART ​

    Android Smart Kiosk

    PAX SK800 Android selfservice kiosk



    Android Smart Kiosk

    PAX IM300 + IM500 + IM700



    Prolin Unattended

    PAX IM20 Prolin unattended



    Prolin Unattended

    PAX IM30 Android unattended device



    Android Smart Unattended

    PAX IM300 + IM500 + IM700



    Prolin Unattended

  • Rugged. Reliable. Resistant

    The entire unattended portfolio of payment terminals are built with higher quality smear-proof stainless steel, vandal-resistant ruggedized PINpad, and includes an advanced cooling fan and heating pad protector.

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    Designed to withstand all kinds of outdoor situations

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    With high-impact glass and all the endurance rating you will ever need.

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