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    Android Smart Unattended​

    The industry's latest Android self-service ruggedised terminal

  • The game changer self-service device

    A premium, interactive interface that can be integrated into all kiosks and vending machines. PAX IM30 is designed to increase sales, implement security, and be impervious to environmental damage. It combines all the cool benefits of Android with the robustness of unattended product, so you can generate new revene streams in any self-service enviroment.

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    Key features:

    • Android 7.1
    • 4G + WiFi + Bluetooth + IP or WiFi + Bluetooth + IP
    • NFC contactless + Magstripe + Smart Card Reader
    • 5-inch TFT WXGA 720 x 1280Px Colour Touchscreen  
    • PIN on Glass
    • 2MP Front Camera + Scanner 
    • Vandal + water + dust +scratch resistant
    • IP55 I IK08 physical protection
    • PCI PTS 5.x SRED
    • ATEX certified 
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    No integration hassels

    Easily integrated into all self-service kiosks and meets EVA standards. It is ideal for parking, public transport, petrol stations, Click and Collect, EV-charging, and vending machines. With IM30, the unattended environment becomes SMART.

  • All transactional needs in one place

    Via MAXSTORE you can manage the multimedia content of your kiosk. The PAX IM30 acts as the operational center of your self-service kiosk, allowing you to show your customers guides and advertisements directly on the device or, thanks to the HDMI port, on a secondary screen while handling all kinds of payments.

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  • Generate new revenue streams

    PAX IM30 helps you transforming your existing self-service system into an interactive point of sale to generate new revenue streams. For instance, using the Vourity (a PAX partner) solution, PAX IM30 can be used to active and pay for any kind of unattended sales, access control, resource booking and redemption of digital vouchers. All features are dynamically enabled and centrally managed from Vourity Cloud, which means the solution becomes better and more secure over time through ongoing software updates that are made automatically from the cloud.

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    Paid access to:

    • Meeting and event rooms 
    • Public restrooms 
    • Laundry rooms 
    • Saunas
    • Electrical vehicle charging 
    • Vending machines 
    • Resource sharing
  • Stunning 5-inch large display


    Delivering the best viewing experience at all angles and all hours of the day or night. The autopowered screen turns on automatically when customers come near, saving energy and improving durability.

  • PAX IM30 unattended device with Chip & PIN

    Smart touch design

    Enhancing the customer experience with the smartphone-like virtual keyboard, modern and secure.

  • Dual cameras

    Increase security, reduce friction and connect to other services through facial ID. Accept vouchers and create rewarding loyalty programs to ensure customers come back for more. Supports both 1D/2D code scanning.

    PAX IM30 unattended device accepts QR code payments
    PAX IM30 unattended device scans QR code





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