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    A920 MAX

    Android SmartPOS

    Tomorrow’s Android SmartPOS technology, today.

  • MAX Connectivity 

    Accelerate connectivity with 5.0 wifi, 5G internet and Bluetooth. The MAX is designed to keep you connected in every way possible. With 5.0 wifi and Bluetooth, A920 MAX delivers a 40% faster install speed and 216% faster reading speed when compared to the A920.

    Wifi 5.0

    6 times faster than wifi 4.0

    5G connectivity

    Faster, smoother & stable connection

  • MAX Performance

    Accelerate performance across workloads and reach a widevariety of applications with Android 10.0. Upgraded with a faster processor, you can trust it to deliver smoother experience, and more reliable performance, no matter how many or what type of applications you use.

    PAX A920MAX
  • MAX Display

    With a larger 6.5-inch full touchscreen, you can now enjoy your favorite applications on the A920 MAX 5G with crystal-clear visuals and intuitive navigation. Additionally, the integrated gravity sensor adds a new dimension of usability, automatically adjusting the screen orientation based on whether the device is held in portrait or landscape mode. This innovative feature ensures optimal viewing angles at all times, providing convenience and ease of use for both merchants and customers.

    PAX A920MAX
  • Challenge the impossible

    Say goodbye to slow connections and outdated technology, and say hello to the ultimate device that offers everything you need in one place.

    PAX A920MAX Android SmartPOS

    Key features:

    • Powered by Android 10 or Android 13
    • Cortex A53, 1.3 GHz secure processor
    • 2500mAh / 6.4V longer lasting battery
    • 6" (4G version) or 6.5" (5G version) capacitive touchscreen
    • 5G or 4G + WiFi + Bluetooth
    • Contactless + chip & PIN + magstripe
    • PIN on glass technology
    • Up to 13MP rear camera
    • Optional professional scanner
    • Optional eSIM
    • Fast-speed printer
    • Docking stations for charging & comms
    • PCI PTS 6.x
  • Take it to the MAX

    Equipped with a 13MP rear camera with wide angle optics and with the option to add a professional scanner, you can use the MAX to scan QR code payments, coupons and product images.

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  • Power to the MAX

    Following the footsteps of EV battery science, the MAX unleashes the potential of Lithium iron Phosphate for a greener and safer world, giving you a 2,5 hours longer lasting device than the A920.

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  • Drive engagement and sales

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    Via MAXSTORE, merchant service providers can create revenue generation opportunities from the distribution of varios apps, as well as the opportunity to differentiate their offering from competitors, and reduces merchant churn rates.


    Equally, merchants value the improved management information reporting & analytics that can now be delivered - through a merchant service provider’s MAXSTORE platform - thanks to the additional data elements captured and made accessible by Android SmartPOS. 

  • Which Smart POS is right for your business?