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    Android PayPhones and PayTablet

    A line of smartphones and tablet devices with payment acceptance features

  • All-in-one payments and smartphone

    The M-Series of PayPhones is the first-ever line of products to combine point of sale terminal with Android smartphone in one single device. These devices are perfect for business who want to merge multiple into one. Use it for payment acceptance, to interact with customers on social networks, or to take and post photos of your products. Dual microphone noise-reduction technology ensures perfect sound quality for voice conversations.

    PAX M30 Android SmartPhone


    Android SmartPhone

    PAX M50 Android SmartPhone


    Android SmartPhone






  • PAX Android tablet

    The first-ever Android tablet with integrated payment module

    PAX A920 Pro Android Smart mobile terminal



    Android Smart PayTablet






  • Additional capabilities. Endless possibilities

    Thanks to MAXSTORE, every PAX device can be transformed into a multi-purpose point of service business tool running value-added business applications alongside payment transaction processing. Download the most suitable application from a portfolio of applications available to better manage your business.

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