An ecosystem connecting over 11 million terminals, thousands of app developers, and more than 200 marketplaces in over 100 countries worldwide

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  • Turn POS terminals into smarter business tools

    MAXSTORE is an innovative platform that provides modern administrative functionalities, real-time data, statistical reporting and hundreds of value-added applications, to help you unlock the full potential of your Android Smart terminals, and turn these into a powerful business tool to boost in-store sales, improve shopping experience and increase customer loyalty.

  • 11,000,000+

    Devices connected


    Software applications


    Developers contributing


    Countries worldwide

  • Empowering your Business with MAXSTORE

    A constantly evolving open ecosystem, that connects payment service providers and acquiring banks with app providers, terminal managers and merchants.

    MAXSTORE global marketplace appstore

    Your Own Branded App Store Marketplace

    Smarter app management & distribution

    Set up your own independent marketplace in minutes to manage the distribution and life cycle of value-adding business applications. Create an out-of-the-box tailored apps solution based on the category of merchant and specific needs they require.

    • Customised branding opportunity 
    • Thousands of value-added apps to improve sales & increase customer loyalty 
    • Easy approval and distribution of apps  
    MAXSTORE advanced terminal management system

    Advanced Device Management

    Ultra modern terminal management system

    Industry-leading device management features designed to manage, control, and monitor all types of Android and Linux devices more efficiently.

    • Automatic terminal deployment & no additional software loading 
    • Real-time app push & parameter management
    • Remote terminal control, help-desk, messaging
    • Real time status of terminal hardware & apps 
    • Live Geo-location of each payment device
    MAXSTORE service hub

    Powerful Payment Services Hub

    Value-added tools to empower your business

    Rich payment industry value-added services, allowing you to easily manage your terminals, apps and merchants. Refine your strategy through better business intelligence & smarter services.

  • Thousands of value-added apps available for your payment terminal

  • MAXSTORE allows the full potential of the new generation Android terminals to be realised by securely delivering payment & non-payment applications to these smart devices, allowing you to do more on a single payment terminal, transforming it into a powerful multi-purpose Point of Service.


  • Payment Loyalty

    “Having worked in retail software for well over a decade, the Payment Loyalty team have struggled through many retail solution deployments, which are invariably large and costly projects. The MAXSTORE eliminates most of the work-overhead traditionally associated with POS software deployment and makes the process simple and pain-free. Without the MAXSTORE platform, deployment of our solution at scale would be impossible.” - Tom Holt, CMO Payment Loyalty.


    “Being on MAXSTORE is a big event for us. In the last five years we’ve worked on a lot of integrations with major smart POS providers. We realised at an early stage that to make loyalty a valuable add-on for merchants, it has to be integrated into the payment process." - Massimo Sirolla, CEO Loyalzoo