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  • PAX Partner Network Portal

    If you are a merchant, please contact the acquiring bank or service provider who gave you your PAX device. If you are a bank, ISO, or PSP, then please contact the PAX office or channel partner who sold you the devices.


    Authorised PAX Channel Partners can log support cases through the PPN Portal

  • Vulnerability Disclosure Program


    PAX is committed to data safety and security. Our expanded program outlines the terms for security researchers to investigate vulnerabilities in any publicly accessible department, product, system, or asset at PAX. We strive to protect our systems, products, services, and customers. If questions arise, please consult with the VDP lead at PAX before taking any action.

    Report Submission

    Please submit a detailed summary of the vulnerability, specifying the type, affected product, version, and software configuration. Be aware that compromising our customers' privacy or service operation is illegal. We support good-faith efforts to identify and report vulnerabilities and are committed to collaborating with you to resolve them effectively.

    Submission Guidelines

    To disclose a vulnerability to PAX, please email VulnerabilityDisclosure@paxsz.com with [VULNERABILITY] in the subject line. Your email should include:


    - A summary of the vulnerability, detailing the type, affected product, version, and software configuration.

    - Steps to reproduce the issue.

    - Any relevant attachments or proof of concept materials.

  • Remote Key Injection​

    Online Remote Key Injection (RKI) by PAX enables merchants to securely and automatically inject keys directly at the point-of-sale, speeding up the process and eliminating the need for physical key injections at a certified secure room.


    PAX offers an industry certified, secure RKI ervice for the deployment of PIN keys and SRED data, such as point-to-point encryption (P2PE), to point of sale (POS) terminal hardware.This service drastically cuts costs by eliminating the need for shipping and handling terminals to and from a Key Injection Facility (KIF), the expense of setting up a secure room, and ongoing costs like server maintenance, specialized staffing, and re-certifications.


    Choose PAX RKI for a cost-effective, fast, and highly secure alternative to traditional Local Key Injection. Instantly inject terminals worldwide with the PAX RKI Managed Service.

  • Software Development

    If you lack in-house POS software developers or are not working with a PAX payment system integrator or channel partner, we can provide application development as a paid service to accelerate your time-to-market. Please provide us with a document specifying the software requirements and details of the host interface protocol for integration.

  • Repairs & Refurbishment

    PAX provides a standard 1-year warranty on all products, with extended warranties available upon request. Despite our terminals' industry-leading low failure rates, we offer comprehensive repair services, including hardware repairs, refurbishment, reconditioning, and testing, as well as software application loading and updating.


    Our high-tech repair centers are located in Milan for the EMEA region, Florida for North America, and Hong Kong for Asia, supporting both in-warranty and out-of-warranty services. 

  • CyberLab

    CyberLab is an industry-leading, state-of-the-art and cutting-edge payment application cloud test platform for Android SmartPOS Software Application Test Automation. It provides professional one-stop online debugging and testing service to facilitate the development and test of payment applications, improving product quality, engineering productivity, and delivery efficiency. Click here to learn more about CyberLab.

  • Download the PAX Product Data Excel File

    Password protected file for PAX channel partners in the EMEA region only.

    Other customers can download individual product data sheets on this website.

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