• PAX A800 Android


    Android desktop

    Elegance redefined at the Point of Sale

  • Streamline business processes.

    Regardless the size of your business

    The A800 is a fashionable touch screen desktop solution that combines all the cool benefits of Android technology and secure payments in a single secure device. Enter a whole new world of value-added applications and services, helping to better manage your business through new services such as loyalty programs or instore product management - something only available to larger retailers, up until now.

  • Integrated dual cameras

    High-quality cameras enable the A800 to scan & process barcodes and QR codes faster than ever.

  • PAX A800 Android Desktop payment device

    Key features:

    • Android 10.0
    • 5.7” capacitive touchscreen
    • Wifi + optional 4G & Bluetooth 
    • Optional 2MP front & 5MP rear cameras

    • Optional 2300mAh, 7.2V battery
    • Chip & PIN + NFC contactless + magnetic stripe
    • PCI PTS 6.x SRED
  • Optional battery backup

    Robust battery technology provides for exceptional power management and longer standby times, minimizing business interruptions caused by power outages, as well as catering for in-store portability.





  • Superior performance

    PayDroid OS transforms how payment service providers do businesses, providing a platform for a richer customer & merchant experience.

    PAX A800 processor
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