• Aries 6 & Aries 8

    Android Smart Tablets



  • Designed for high-volume multilane retailers

    Modern PCI5 certified PED devices using Android technology, deployed as Smart PINpads integrated to cash register till systems in multilane environments.


    Easily convert the Aries 6 & Aries 8 into elegant standalone SmartECR terminals with the optional rotating base-station, or attach a pistol grip handle to the Aries 8 for in-store mobility!

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    Aries 6 with rotating base

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    Aries 6 on pole stand

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    Aries 8 as a mobile device

  • A check-out experience like never before

    Extra-large landscape orientated displays to support large amounts of customer data entry and signature capture. The Aries multilane solutions also offer optional graphometric signature & storage capabilities to cater demand in parts of Southern and Eastern Europe.

    Aries 6

    Aries 8

  • Accepting any payment

    We understand the impact of delays at the check-out, and how it can affect customer satisfaction levels and store turnover. This is why PAX has developed the Aries series with card reader, contactless, and cameras to enable faster payment processing.

    Chip & PIN card payments

    For shoppers who prefer to pay the traditional way.

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    Contactless Payments

    Front and back on both Aries devices, to ensure faster transaction processing.

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    QR Code & Mobile Payments