Fidelity Payments Chooses PAX Technology as Preferred EMV Provider

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New York, Feb. 14, 2017 - Fidelity Payment Services, a leader in merchant services has established a strategic partnership with PAX Technology as the preferred provider of EMV terminals and PIN pads. Fidelity has been a strong advocate of PAX's products and was a key player in their entry to the US market in 2011. They have named PAX to be their EMV terminals of choice due to their competitive pricing, device quality, advanced software, and expert support.

"PAX consistently delivers devices that provide simplicity and efficiency for even the most novice of users" said Johany Hernandez, Technical Support Specialist at Fidelity Payment Services. "Their simple interface is one that merchants find to be intuitive. They are also competitively priced for merchants of all sizes. Not only are they economical, but we have found them to be of the highest quality and durability."

"Software setup and installation are simple with PAX," added Motty Helfgott, Director of Deployments at Fidelity Payment Services. "What we appreciate most about PAX is that it is a completely customizable experience. They provide us with a portal to manage the terminals' software, which allows updates and integrations to be a streamlined process. Fidelity's wide range of plugins and add-ons can be seamlessly added thanks to PAX's advanced tools and superior customizable capabilities."

Victor Dominguez, Deployment Specialist at Fidelity Payment Services commented, "PAX stands behind its terminal quality, which is evident in an industry leading two-year warranty that they provide on all their products. Even so, when terminals require service, repairs are completed expediently. The added benefit of the PAX 24-hour hotline ensures that we can address our merchant's needs around the clock."

Andy Chau, President and CEO at PAX Technology (North America Division) expressed his appreciation for a partner that makes complete use of their technological capabilities, "We have made significant investments in creating the technology behind the portals and tools to manage our terminals. It is gratifying to find a partner that has the expertise to use these tools effectively to provide their customers with the fullest experience possible. We look forward to creating better solutions for merchants in the years ahead, and working with partners like Fidelity Payment Services to create richer and more personalized experiences for businesses of all sizes."