French FinTech company Yavin selects PAX A35 devices for secure payments in kiosk solutions

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PAX Technology, the world's leading payment terminal solutions provider, has announced a partnership with French fintech provider Yavin, integrating the advanced A35 Android PINpad model into Yavin’s cutting-edge self-service kiosks.

Yavin's strategic selection of the PAX A35 underscores the company’s commitment to providing an all-encompassing, 360-degree solution for its clients, including point-of-sale (POS) terminals, kiosks, and eCommerce platforms, ensuring a streamlined and efficient payment experience.

Bertrand Moussu, Managing Director of PAX France, outlined five key benefits of Yavin’s A35 integration:

  • Unified Application Experience: leveraging PAX Technology’s wide portfolio of devices ensures a consistent software application experience across all Android terminals, thus providing a uniform user experience.
  • Optimized for Kiosks: originally designed for high-volume retail, the best-selling PAX A35 PINpad is also perfectly tailored for kiosk environments, offering an ideal mix of performance and reliability.
  • Simplified Development Across Platforms: Yavin’s network of partners benefit from uniform APIs that span mobile POS, fixed POS, and kiosk devices, helping to ease development, enhance integration, and fast-track market readiness.
  • Elegant Design & Lasting Durability: PAX devices are renowned for their stylish designs and robust construction, ensuring they meet the demands of various deployment environments, and consistently deliver customer satisfaction.
  • Effortless Device Management: With its Android foundation, the A35 integrates seamlessly with MAXSTORE, the payment industry’s leading device management platform. This enables sophisticated administration of extensive estates of payment terminals and other Android devices, ensuring operational efficiency and minimal downtime.

"We are confident the PAX A35 will significantly enhance Yavin’s offering, providing our clients with a reliable and versatile payment solution," said Samuel Manassé, Co-founder & CEO at Yavin. "This partnership with PAX Technology enables us to deliver a superior, integrated solution that meets the evolving needs of the retail and hospitality sectors."

"We are delighted with the performance of PAX France, their implementation of the A35 in Yavin's kiosks, and we look forward to rolling out more of our Android-based solutions to retailers worldwide," said Mark O’Flynn, Sales Director at PAX Technology.

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