Further Growth in the United Kingdom with Common.SECC Approval for PAX Unattended Solutions

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UK Finance, the trade association for the UK’s banking and financial services sector, has granted Common.SECC approval for PAX’s IM-Series unattended solution, the world’s latest generation self-service payment terminals designed to increase unattended sales, implement flawless security, and be impervious to environmental damage.

The certification is based on a Common Criteria evaluation, and means that UK based payment service providers and acquiring organizations can now benefit from using the payment industry’s most intuitive, engaging and future-proof self-service terminal devices.

Besides the IM-Series of unattended solution, PAX is also Common.SECC approved for the A920, Q30, E500, E600 and E700 terminals.

International markets (i.e. outside of China) accounted for 84.8% of total turnover (first half of 2018), having the necessary certifications in place are crutial for the company to continue delivering on the strong growth internationally.

"This is testimony to the fact that PAX will continue to expand its global reach, providing merchants with modern, seamless and secure payment solutions." - Mark O’Flynn, VP Sales for PAX​​

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