Merchants guaranteed no PIN fraud on payment terminals thanks to upgraded PAX RKI service



· Tech

Acquiring banks and payment service providers deploying point of sale terminals manufactured by PAX Technology save significant amounts of money and time when using a Remote Key Injection (RKI) service, a modern alternative to legacy methods of having to first ship terminal hardware to a physical secure room for Local Key Injection (LKI) and from there on to merchant locations.

The RKI service for EMEA region clients, run out of the PAX Italia service data centre in Milan, has been granted PCI PIN certification under the Visa PIN Security Program, providing a rock solid guarantee that a customer’s Personal Identification Number (PIN) cannot be compromised by fraudsters when entered into a PAX device.

The RKI service is available via PAXSTORE for the company’s new generation Android based SmartPOS products, and the Rhino KIS (Key Injection Service) portal for traditional terminals.