One EMV Kernel Certification across Multiple Payment Terminal Platforms


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PAX Technology has reached an impressive milestone in the payment industry: that of being the first payment terminal vendor to have unified EMV kernel certification across a wide portfolio of point of sale devices running on both Android and Linux based operating systems.

(An EMV kernel is a part of the terminal payment application supporting EMV functionality, enabling a POS device to perform EMV contact or contactless transactions).

What does this mean?

Payment system integrators, acquiring banks and merchants can now use just the one certification across all PAX terminal models to accept contactless transactions. This eliminates integration headaches and compliance struggles, and drastically reduces the cost and time-to-market associated with expanding payment business into new market segments and countries.

PAX delivers some of most innovative EFT-POS terminals ever seen, and this strategic move to offer a simpler EMV kernel and certification process is further proof of the company’s ambition to continuously reinventing the payments industry.

Which PAX terminals?

The specific PAX models which fall under this unified EMV kernel include: A60, A80, A910, A920, A930, PX5, PX7, PX7A, S80, S90, S300, S500, S800, S900, S920, SP30, Q20, Q30, Q80, D200, D210, D220.