Tap on Mobile application powered by Dejamobile now available on PAXSTORE

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PAX Technology, the world’s leading payment terminal solutions provider, and Dejamobile, a France-based fintech provider of white-label solutions for mobile transaction services, have partnered to offer payment acceptance on consumer off-the-shelf and NFC enabled Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

The solution uses the latest technology based on Mastercard, Visa and PCI standards to convert non-payment devices into secure and certified point of sale terminals. Those devices are then capable to accept contactless payments, both for transaction amounts within a country’s contactless floor-limit or for higher value amounts through secure PIN entry. The PIN entry is done directly on the merchant’s Android device, with no need for an additional hardware. 

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Norman Roberts-York, Managing Director for PAX UK, Ireland and Nordics, said: “Acquiring Banks and Payment Service Providers need an increasing variety of transaction acceptance and other technologies to keep merchants engaged, so we see Tap on Mobile as a complimentary offering for customers engaged in deploying the PAX portfolio of Linux & Android-based SmartPOS products running our POSitive payment app.” 

Eric Le Tréhour, Chief Sales Officer at Dejamobile, commented: “We are happy to start this partnership with PAX Technology. The alliance of our ReadyToTap™ Payment for Merchants solution with the power of PAXSTORE offers a unique value proposition for PAX clients. This new ‘POSitive Mobile’ application will be customized as a white-label solution for clients served by the PAX community of payment system integrators and channel partners, giving them full control over the look & feel of the application”. 

Conor Devane, PAXSTORE Marketing Manager, added: “The app will be available on the PAXSTORE platform as part of the PAX software offering in the EMEA region, enabling dedicated payment terminals and off-the-shelf devices to be managed on a single system”. 

Although so-called ‘SoftPos’ deployments are in an infancy stage, the potential of such Android smartphone payment acceptance technology could be of interest to unserved market segments such as micro-merchants and small business owners.