Transforming Checkout with PAX: Douglas Selects the A35 Payment Terminal

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We are thrilled to announce that the innovative CCV Nexus Pad A35 payment terminal, a product designed and supplied by PAX, is making waves at Douglas, the premier European beauty retailer. "We're truly impressed by the CCV Nexus Pad A35!" declares Patrick Bos, IT Manager for Netherlands & Belgium.

Explore how Douglas has seamlessly integrated the CCV Nexus Pad A35 into their operations, revolutionizing the retail experience in their stores.

Embarking on Innovation: Douglas Implements A35 Payment Terminal Pilot

Over a year ago, in the spring of last year, Douglas began piloting the CCV Nexus Pad A35 POS terminal. Douglas, the European beauty retailer, offers an extensive selection of cosmetics, perfumes, skincare, and haircare products. "We're truly impressed by the CCV Nexus Pad A35 payment terminal!" says Patrick Bos, IT Manager for Netherlands & Belgium.


Currently, the payment terminal is operational in four shops. The plan is to extend its implementation to all other shops by the end of next year. In the meantime, every new store Douglas opens or refurbishes will feature the A35 by PAX as a standard installation.

The A35 enables Swift Transactions & Reliability 

The CCV Nexus Pad A35 immediately caught Douglas's attention. Patrick remarks, "The sleek design of the CCV Nexus Pad A35 seamlessly aligns with Douglas's brand image and our checkout counters. Moreover, it offers rapid transaction processing and unwavering stability." Additionally, being an Android-managed terminal, it comes with a user-friendly management platform via MAXSTORE. "Ease of management is crucial, especially considering Douglas's install base of 300 POS terminals." explains Patrick.

While other alternatives were considered last year, after testing the CCV Nexus Pad A35 POS terminal, the decision was swiftly made. 

Smooth Operations During the Busy Christmas Season

Douglas's experience with the CCV Nexus Pad A35 has been overwhelmingly positive thus far. They haven't encountered any issues, even during the bustling Christmas season, when the terminals performed flawlessly. "Ensuring smooth operations at the checkout is paramount," Patrick emphasizes.

Staff satisfaction is also noteworthy. "During the pilot phase, we actively monitored experiences in the stores," shares Patrick. The feedback was unanimously positive, with no discernible differences or delays compared to the previous POS terminals. The staff commended its seamless performance without causing any checkout delays.

Expanded Backend Functionality at a Competitive Price

Patrick highlights the ease of managing the backend, which offers additional options such as transaction logging. "The system is comprehensive," he adds, expressing satisfaction with the payment terminal's affordability compared to previous models.

The Future of Payments with PAX at Douglas

Douglas is exploring an all-in-one solution integrating a POS package and a payment terminal on a smart device. This initiative aims to provide consumers with greater flexibility, enabling fast mobile payments from anywhere in the store. Additionally, the ability to generate digital receipts is seen as a crucial feature for future consumer needs, according to Douglas.

In conclusion, Patrick Bos wholeheartedly recommends the CCV Nexus Pad A35 payment terminal: "We're thoroughly impressed by the CCV Nexus Pad A35! I would highly recommend it to other retailers seeking a fast, elegantly designed, and effortlessly manageable payment terminal."

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