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    Smart Unattended​

    The industry's latest ruggedised terminal, ideal for EV charging stations & other self-service environments.

  • Affordable & Flexible

    PAX IM15 is a compact, cost-effective unattended payment terminal packed with the latest technology including cameras & sensors, vivid anti-glare display, advancedxa communications connectivity and support for PIN on Glass. The IM15 fits into existing EVA cut-outs, and can be deployed in both a landscape-display or portrait-display perspective.

    PAX IM30 unattended device accepts QR code payments
  • IP65 & IK09 ratings mean the IM15 is vandal-proof & resistant to damage from dust, moisture, scratches.

    Suitable for both indoor & outdoor usage

  • An Integrators Dream

    The IM15 is loved by system integrators as it meets European Vending Association (EVA) standards, meaning it can be easily installed into any self-service kiosk or environment. The IM15 is the perfect UPT solution for parking, public transport, petrol stations, EV-charging, and vending machines.

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  • Vivid anti-glare display with PIN on Glass technology

    Thanks to PCI 6 SRED certification, the IM15 offers total payment security and allows transactions of any value to be accepted.


    With an inbuilt proximity sensor, the screen can also be programmed to turn on automatically when a customer approaches, saving energy and improving longevity.

  • Maximise Sales Opportunities

    Deploying more unattended self-service points with the IM15 enables shoppers to pay for goods and services at their own pace, using their preferred payment method, without having to interact with any salespersons.

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    Tap to pay using any NFC-enabled mobile device or contactless EMV card.

    Scan to pay delivers the ultimate transactional experience.



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    Key features:

    • Prolin Operating System
    • Cortex A5 Processor
    • 4G + WiFi + Bluetooth + LAN Connectivity
    • NFC Contactless + PIN on Glass
    • 3.5-inch Colour Touch Screen Anti-Glare Display
    • 2MP Front Camera
    • Resistant to Vandals + Moisture + Dust + Scratches
    • IP65 + IK09 ingress protection & impact ratings
    • PCI PTS 6.x SRED
    • European Vendor Association (EVA) standards
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