A Taste of The Future of Payments at The Taste of Athens Food Festival

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10,000 people, 12,500 transactions through 88 PAX Android terminals at the recent food festival in Greece, "The taste of Athens".


Cardlink, the leading POS terminal Network Services Provider in Greece, supported the largest food festival in Athens, “Taste of Athens”, which took place at the end of September 2019, bringing together the best restaurants, food and drink brands and providing guests with experiences such as cooking lessons by world-class chefs, wine tastings and cocktail preparation classes. Cardlink provided all of the transaction technology during the four day event, enabling cashless payments on PAX Technology’s innovative Android terminals which ran Cardlink ’s sophisticated food ordering Cardlink maitre and payment software Cardlink POSsible.

Providing cashless payment solution:

Cardlink, which today manages a growing estate of over 250,000 POS terminals and 10,000 e-Commerce shops throughout Greece, is on a mission to provide innovative solutions that help enhance the shopping and paying experience of merchants and consumers alike. Cardlink selected PAX Technology’s beautifully designed Android A920 SmartPOS and E800 SmartECR terminal hardware, which were connected to PAXSTORE, an advanced terminal management system and software distribution platform. Transaction Systems and Novidea-TRSYS hub in Greece – have partnered with Cardlink to successfully launch the first payment application for Android SmartPOS in Greece - Cardlink POSsible.

Transaction Systems, a key channel partner PAX solutions in Central and South-eastern Europe, provides Cardlink with a wide range of payment solutions via new generation PAX Technology devices. Unlike traditional payment terminals, PAX ’s Android-based terminals offer powerful smart features and functionalities to help merchants, and financial organizations adapt to a new era of digitalized marketspaces, helping to drive revenue growth, better customer engagement and ultimately more profitability.

During the “Taste of Athens” food festival, all orders and payments were managed by Cardlink ’s maitre order applicationand integrated with their Cardlink POSsible payment application, running on PAX devices. Over 10,000 people visited the festival, generating around 12,500 transactions through 88 PAX Android terminals.

The benefits:

Next-generation Android payment terminals, such as the handheld A920 SmartPOS and the all-in-one E800 SmartECR, enabled event organizers to provide each visitor with a much more modern and seamless ordering and payment process, reducing waiting times and processing transactions faster.

  • Cardlink adopts cutting-edge technology to showcase consumers & merchants that they are the frontrunner of modern digital payment solutions in Greece.  
  • Supporting any type of payment with physical, contactless card readers, and cameras.
  • Longer-lasting battery life to ensure operational efficiency, and large smartphone-like displays for better viewing experience. 
  • Enhancing the usability of payment & value-added applications such as loyalty, account payments, dynamic currency conversion, etc. 
  • Access to a range of applications specially designed to meet customer service needs of specific market sectors such as catering or retail. 
  • Easier terminal management via PAXSTORE, offering unprecedented real-time POS device status information and excellent remote help desk control, helping merchant acquirers reduce service times and costs. 
  • Faster transactions! Android terminals take just a couple of seconds to complete payments, saving lots of time and hassle for merchants & consumers alike. 
  • Availability of behavioral data on user choices and shopping patterns providing useful insights for more personalized services offering