IM30 Android Unattended Payment Terminal Will Revolutionize Consumer Self-Service Transactions

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PAX Technology Limited (HKSE stock code: 00327.HK), the world’s leading electronic payment terminal solution provider, announced the availability of a new generation Android-based all-in-one unattended payment solution called the IM30.

Designed and developed in partnership with leading European unattended payments provider CCV, the IM30 delivers a modern smartphone-like user interface with full PIN-on-Glass and payments functionality, inside a compact & ruggedized body which is suitable for any indoor or outdoor self-service environment.

Advanced automatic customer detection sensor technology guarantees low-energy consumption, while traditional and alternative payment methods are accepted, including EMV Chip & PIN, NFC contactless, magnetic stripe, as well as handling QR code payments and barcode scanning via an integrated camera. Beacon technology combines perfectly with the Android-based platform allowing businesses to create tailored sales & marketing campaigns that are more relevant, engaging, and profitable, delivering a seamless customer experience, without having any staff present at the point of sale.

Useful business-boosting apps can be downloaded directly into the IM30 through PAXSTORE, the payment industry’s most popular software distribution marketplace and advanced terminal management system, enabling administrators to more efficiently manage their hardware estates, provide remote help desk support and to instantly track and monitor data in real-time.

Another innovation which speeds up time-to-market, saves costs and removes any integration friction, is the fact that once the IM30 is set up, it runs unattended thereafter, anywhere in the world.

Alex Dong, VP of R&D at PAX, said: “The collaboration with CCV enabled PAX Technology to design a payment solution for tomorrow’s modern unattended world. Built to be water, wind and shock resistant, the IM30 can withstand pretty much any kind of harsh outdoor environment”.

Mark O’Flynn, VP Sales added: “Like our wider Android terminal and Smart Kiosk portfolio, the IM30 offers a stylish, intuitive and engaging communication interface that can support any transactional need.