IZICAP, the first Card-linked CRM & Loyalty solution deployed on PAX A920 & E600

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PAX Technology, the world’s leading manufacturer of Point of Sale terminal solutions, is excited to announce the launching of the IZICAP solution to enable small businesses to run their CRM and Loyalty programs directly on PAX Android terminals.

The IZICAP solution is integrated into PAX terminals and uses card-link technology, which means the merchant can analyse customer behavior, run engaging offers and create automated marketing campaigns – without additional integration or tools. This adds significant value to small businesses, as they often lack these capabilities.

On average merchants using the IZICAP solution experience a +15% increase in revenue compared to their unequipped counterparts.

Bertrand Moussu, Managing Director at PAX France, commented on the partnership: “We are happy to see that our technology enables our partners to create such a breakthrough in offerings to help small merchants, who are heavily affected by Covid-19. Thanks to PAXSTORE, we have made it very easy for merchants to implement value-added services at the point of sale using PAX terminals. We look forward to supporting Natixis and IZICAP in rolling out the solution, so more business owners can benefit from it.”

Frédéric Chenot, Head of Banking Networks at Natixis Payments, explained: “Natixis Payments is a leader of payment services in France and we focus on delivering added-value services to our customers. IZICAP and PAX POS terminal perfectly complete our current offering to small merchants. The combined solutions support them in delivering Android-based payment experiences to their customers while increasing their revenue and e-reputation. Local merchants are facing challenging times with the competition of large chains or e-commerce giants and the Covid-19 related constraints. Our mission is to support them by providing tools as efficiently as possible. I am very happy that the IZICAP-PAX solution is now one of them." 

Reda El Mejjad, CEO of IZICAP, added: “We are delighted to welcome our first merchants on PAX devices. I believe Android POS technology is bringing a major shift across the payment industry. Now, our CRM & Loyalty app can be deployed easily to any new merchant thanks to the PAXSTORE marketplace. Our app brings additional features and a smoother user experience to both merchants and cardholders. Although we have already made huge progress in these domains, I believe there is still room to improve and leverage all of the Android POS capabilities. With PAX Android terminal, local merchants can access value-added services that were usually reserved for bigger organizations, and this fits perfectly with IZICAP’s mission”.

A recent study conducted across a panel of +300,000 local businesses in France showed that during the lockdown, Merchants that remained open & used the Izicap Payment-Based Marketing Solution performed 22% better than their unequipped counterparts.

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The key benefits of a Card-linked CRM & Loyalty solution: 

A Card-linked CRM & Loyalty embedded solution makes the enrollment natural & frictionless for the cardholder. Thus, merchants can achieve very high enrollment rates to their CRM & Loyalty program. Once the members’ database is sufficiently filled-up, the merchant will be able to target his enrolled members based on their spending behavior: creating relevant and engaging marketing campaigns based on the purchasing habits of the recipients (average shopping basket, frequency of purchasing, preferred days & hours of purchasing, etc.).

All this is possible thanks to the IZICAP solution running on the PAX terminals: for the Merchant, the payment terminal becomes a powerful marketing machine. For the cardholder, the payment card becomes his loyalty card. No extra time needed from the Merchant to manage his CRM & Loyalty Program; no extra app needed for the cardholder to enjoy his rewards.

What are the other benefits of the Izicap CRM & Loyalty solution for merchants?

  • Via the IZICAP Portal, the merchant can access the entire transaction data (both from members and non-members of the CRM & Loyalty program). The business owner can use this richness of data to define the most relevant loyalty triggers & communications targets, to drive customer engagement and increase revenues. 
  • Marketing automation tools to push promotions to specific groups of customer targets to drive growth. Can also send messages to encourage customers to rate their in-store experience on Google, Facebook or Instagram. E-reputation has proven to be key for merchants to gain visibility & attract new customers.
  • One-off campaigns on Social Networks or by SMS and email enable merchants to run campaigns on special occasions (Black Fridays, overstock, events for VIPs, etc.) Customers can be incentivized to purchase through rewards such as discount coupons. Campaigns on Social Networks are a great way to convert followers into paying customers.

How do the partnerships with Acquirers and Acquiring Banks work? 

IZICAP helps Acquirers and Acquiring Banks delivering more value to their merchants by offering an easy-to-use CRM & Loyalty platform which enables the merchants to gain customer insights and run effective marketing campaigns to match the user behaviors.

CRM, Loyalty, and Digital marketing tools are paramount for small merchants to survive & thrive in these unprecedented times.