PAX obtains WISE certification for contactless payment solutions

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PAX Technology, the world’s leading electronic payment terminal solution provider, is pleased to announce that it has obtained WISE certification for the A920, the world’s best-selling Android SmartPOS payment terminal.

WISE is a new security standard for contactless payment applications, supported by the e-Dirham payment solution in the United Arab Emirates, a popular payment method to collect revenues of governmental and non-governmental entities in a safe and secure way.

"Rolling out local payment methods in the UAE demonstrates PAX Technology’s commitment to the region and to our customers” said Nader Abdelaziz, MENA Region Manager for PAX. He continued: “With WISE certification in place, acquiring banks and merchants can offer their customers better service by allowing them to pay the way they prefer.”

One of the key benefits of PAX terminals is the use of a unified EMV kernel across a wide range of PAX terminal models. This means that all the PAX terminals running on the same EMV kernel can use the same certification to accept contactless transactions. Thanks to this, the WISE certification also covers all PAX models in the A-series portfolio of products as well as the IM30 unattended terminal.