Transportation ticketing solutions running on PAX A920 following ITSO certification

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PAX Technology Limited (HKSE stock code: 00327.HK), a leading international supplier of secure electronic payment terminal solutions, is pleased to announce that the Integrated Transport Smartcard Organisation has granted ITSO certification for the widely popular A920 Android SmartPOS payment terminal.

This certification, issued to ticketing solutions supplier TransMach Systems, is specifically required for smart ticketing - a system whereby travellers with an ITSO smartcard can easily hop on and off buses, trams or trains.

The TransMach TM 920 enables travel operators to use the PAX A920 device to seamlessly issue different types of tickets on the spot, accept any form of traditional card or cash based payment, as well as alternative payment methods, and to scan and validate barcodes and QR codes. TransMach’s web based software handles the configuration of fares and includes comprehensive data management tools.

Key benefits include:

  • Monitor ticketing data in real time to view passenger load per journey.
  • Fares update over the air through an easy to use fares management panel.
  • Track vehicles using interactive Geo tracking tools.
  • Scan barcodes on-board to reduce fraud by validating web & mobile bookings.
  • Increase passenger numbers & revenue by accepting Contactless or Chip & Pin cards on-site or on-board.

PAX Technology’s A920 runs a secure Android operating system called PayDroid, which facilitates the development and distribution of value-added business applications. Real-time management can be done via PAXSTORE, probably the payment industry’s most advanced terminal management system and appstore software distribution platform. The A920 has an inbuilt thermal printer, powerful battery, dual cameras, supports 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and includes GPS for accurate tracking.

"The ITSO certified A920 gives our customers all the functionalities they are looking for, with a lot more flexibility than was previously available, as the A920 is powered by Android and features everything that the transport industry needs, creating better overall ticketing solutions" - Minesh Vandra, CEO at TransMach

“Modern consumers want convenience in everything they do,” added Norman Roberts-York, Managing Director of PAX operations in the UK & Nordics. “Combining TransMach’s technology with our Android payment solutions creates a competitive advantage for transportation businesses looking to improve the ticketing and paying experience for their customers.”

“We commend TransMach for their work and are delighted that our A920 is a perfect fit for their smart ticketing solutions”, concluded Mark O’Flynn, VP Sales at PAX. This is yet another example of a niche market segment where PAX Technology’s state-of-the-art portfolio of Android and Unattended Self-Service products are being used to improve the daily lives of people worldwide”.